The following is a bio that was written while the band was together.

Music types: Metal
Western Kentucky is not the typical breeding ground for any form of heavy music. Enter Surdin: a five piece group of musicians hailing from Paducah Ky. Formed in June 2004, Surdin has created a unique style of metal destined to take the world by storm. THE BAND: Vocals-Nathan Weaver. A powerful mid range scream combined with a singing voice to serenade a queen is a just description of Nathan's ability. A local music scene veteran, he is the focal point of energy on stage and can make a crowd of senior citizens start a mosh pit. Guitars-Jacob Snow and Eric Alexander. Coming from a long musical background, Jacob, like all others, has put time into knowledge of music and creators thereof. The ending result reflecting in what he brings to this raging storm that is Surdin. Eric is another local music scene veteran who has the experience to turn a crowd upside down. His ability to make complex rhythms find a groove are definitely his strength in playing. Together they create a force driven by sounds ranging from melodic to dissonant, soothing to disturbing, while pushing simplicity and complexity where some may overlook its importance. Bass-Joey Burns. Watching Joey on stage is almost a show in itself. His unique playing style is unseen in the metal of today. With a music theory-based background, he combines elements of funk, jazz, and percussive styles found in world music adding a colorful flavor to the musical creation and stage show. Drums-Brad Woods. Perspective drumming ranging from simple to complex is only a brief summary of Brad's drumming technique and style. Marching and teaching a drumline has broadened the horizons of his ability and allowed him to incorporate rudimental elements in his work. With an array of cymbal work, he adds another dynamic dimension to the overall sound. THE MISSION: Creating a new sound in modern metal and taking it to the highest peak attainable. Since day one it has been a dream to make our music and our occupations one in the same. Surdin is grateful for every person who enjoys the music and hopes to carry the music and each others love for it to a global status.

Band Members:
Nathan Weaver-Vocals,

 Jacob Snow-Guitar,

Eric Alexander-Guitar, Joey Burns-Bass, 

Brad Woods-Drums.

 Influences Each individual member of Surdin draws influence from many different sources and genres of music. Michael Manring, Dream Theater, Mudvayne, Phil Keaggy, and Pantera are just a few in a long list of influential artists

Written by Sharky_McFly

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